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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Non packaged Mac and Cheese

I havent used a packaged mac and cheese for 30 years. My grandson ate my homemade mac and cheese and now he doesn't like packaged mac and cheese.

White sauce is real easy to make.

In medium pot add 4 tbls butter, add onions if you put onions in your mac and cheese. When melted add 4 tbls flour and stir. It gets real pasty. Add 2C milk. Stir until thickened. If it is still two thick add more milk. If it needs thickening combine a tablespoon butter and tablespoon flour and add to mixture. This way it won't lump. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Add 1C grated cheese of your choice. More if you like with more cheese.
Grease 9x11x glass baking dish or any dish it will fit in.
Cook @ 350 degrees for 45 minutes with foil on top. Take foil off and cook for 10 minutes more if you like the top crunchy.

Turkey Pasta Salad

I had some left over roasted chicken from a restaurant we stopped at last week. Pasta salad is like goulash. Add what you have in your frig. It's a good way to clean the frig out at the end of the week.

Here is what I put in mine:

Left over chicken
Cooked pasta (any type)
Chopped celery
Chopped red onion
Can of pinto beans ( I use Trader Joe's beans because they have  no GMO's)
Newman's Italian salad dressing

Monday, May 5, 2014

My version of Cinco De Mayo food thats not in any Mexican restaurant

My husbands favorite meal. I leaned this recipe from my mother years ago. It's real easy and tastes so so good.

You can make any amount you want, that's the secret to this recipe.

Green Chili Tortillas
Medium flour tortillas Jack cheese (or any spicy cheese you might like)Whole sweet chili's in the can. I use one chili per flour tortilla and evaporated milk

The only difference this time is that we now use Trader Joe's Organic Wheat & Corn Flour Tortilla. NO LARD.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, corn flour (corn masa, trace of lime), soybean oil, honey, baking powder ( monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch(, salt, and citric acid.
Check out the ingredients of your tortilla.

You can make any amount you want, that's the secret to this recipe.
Just put a sweet green chili (from the can) and top it with shredded jack cheese in the tortilla and roll it up and put seam side down in glass casserole dish sprayed with vegetable oil.  Add canned milk until it is 3/4 full in dish. Add more cheese on top. Top with foil. I spray the inside of my foil so the cheese won't stick to it.
Cook at 375* until it bubbles and when you stick it with your fork it is tender. Take the foil off and put your oven on broil or just turn the heat up and brown the top. Let it cool or you will burn your mouth big time.

Add chili in tortilla with cheese

Add canned evaporated milk

Top with Jack Cheese

This is a bit darker than I planned but still tasted good

Monday, March 31, 2014

Non Velveeta Nachos

At work we got into a conversation about what Velveeta Cheese was. My response is, why is it sitting on a shelf and not in the refrigerator if its cheese.
My recipe is about the same as others with the exception of how I make the cheese. Its simple...yep back to the basic white sauce and add grated cheese. Pretty easy.
So no real recipe for this other than I used baked tortilla chips from Trade Joe's. Seems this place is our new grocery store. My next blog will explain our goals.
Stack tortilla chips in layers of cheese and ground beef add:
Guacamole (smashed avocados, squeeze of lime juice, salt/pepper.
Home made salsa (chopped tomatos, jalapeno, onions, cumin seeds, cilantro, lime juice, and salt and pepper.
Sour cream
Jalapenos if you like.

Sloppy but real good.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is a great salad for those of us who take our lunches to work. Very easy also.
I use this same recipe eliminating the pasta and add grilled turkey or chicken.

2 C cooked penna pasta and chill or cool off under water (or any pasta you might have)

Combine in large air tight bowl:
Sliced celery hearts with leaves
15 ounce an of Pinto beans rinsed
15 ounce can of Garbanzo beans rinsed
1/2 C of Edamame bean thawed and rinsed (these I find frozen)
  hubby doesn't like to many
Chopped red onion (amount depends on you. I use 1/4 C)
1/2 can of small black olives
1/4 C fresh parmesan cheese (plz don't use that powdered stuff in a box)
1/2 tablespoon dried basil or 8-9 chopped fresh basil
3/4 C Italian dressing (I use Newman's)
1 teaspoon cane sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons red wine vinegar (optional, I like the extea zing)
P in air type bowl and shake to combine

This needs to sit for a few hours....if you can keep folks out of it.
My lunch portion.

After I took my portion



I have to admit I stole this from our fav restaurant, Black Walnut. Very simple.

Put lettuce on plate (I use Romaine)
Top with the following:
Crisp bacon cut up (not bacon bits)
Avocado slices
Tomato quarters
Hard boiled egg cut in half
Chunks of your favorite cheese
Chunks of good Blue Cheese (I love this stuff)
Your favorite meat (I used smoked BBQ'D turkey breasts cut up)
Grilled corn (you can get it frozen just thaw before or if you are real talented grill your corn on the cobb)

I make my Blue Cheese dressing:
Blue Cheese, mayo, salt/pepper, squeeze of lemon juice, and enough milk to thin out.
Add more Blue Cheese for stronger flavor.
Add crouton if you want.
Notice my fine dining plate, yep we eat on paper plates and use real metal silverware.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

As Close To Organic Food As I Can Get

My son sent me an email about various produce that are slammed with pesticides and some that are not as badly slammed. I keep this list in my purse when I go to the grocery store. I mostly have it memorized. Below is the list.

If you are lucky enough to have a store called Trader Joe's you can get organic at a lower price than some larger chains. I buy my peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, and some meats at Whole Foods because the chain I go to doesn't have these in small quanities. I can buy my fruit, most of the time, at the chain I go to. Also frozen organic is good. I add them to muffins or cereal. 

Living in a TinCan you are limited. I don't buy processed foods so both my small frigs are full of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and things I make for lunches.(tuna salad, three bean salad, chicken pasta, and other things). I try to make these on the weekend so all I have to do is just put them in seperate containers for our lunches.

I do cheat sometimes and buy meat/dairy on sale at my chain. Yea, the cattle probably lived and were fed in a feed lot. I buy my tuna in bulk from Costco. If you want some processed stuff you can get it in great quanities at Costco. They have quite a selection of organic. I just dont have the room.

Of course, the ultimate would be having your own cattle or barter for a neighbors grass raised cattle. Also your own chickens and other critters along with a full garden and green house. That is on the back burner for us now. I buy my food weekly with a strict budget and pre planned menu. This menu includes treats, breakfast meals, and lunch meals. We probably spend $100-$120 a week for two.

Check out my post about how to pre-plan your week the weekend before. If I had a freezer I could make large amounts of ....say...skettie and freeze a few batches.

Eat OrganicOkay Non Organic
Imported NectrinesSweet Potato
PeppersSweet Peas
LettuceDomestic Cantaloupe